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Connect to our API to create connections to your user accounts. A simple and robust solution for you to access a wide coverage of enriched and financial institution data.

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Account data example
Data Encryption
We use a combination of the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES 256) and a Transport Security Layer (TLS) to keep data secure, providing an infrastructure in line with the highest standards in the industry.
LGPD Compliant
Our solution is fully compliant with GDPR requirements. We are transparent with the user and all data transacted is obtained with their consent, in addition to demanding the best practices of all those involved.
Pluggy Api Diagram
Pluggy Api Diagram
Check the registration data at financial institutions, from name and CPF to contacts, address and relatives.
Balances, limits and statements categorized for checking, savings and credit cards.
Retrieve balances, movements and details about investments from a wide range of banks and brokers.
  • Get transactions
  • Get balance
  • Get investments
  • Get ID
"id": "5d6b9f9a-06aa-491f-926a-15ba46c6366d",
"description": "Rappi",
"currencyCode": "BRL",
"amount": 41.58,
"date": "2020-06-08T00:00:00.000Z",
"balance": 41.58,
"category": "Online Payment",
"status": "POSTED"

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