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With Pluggy, your company says goodbye to bureaucratic and friction-filled processes for an automated and personalized experience for your users.

For your user
No more paperwork, back and forth to the account manager and filling out forms.
For your company
You don’t need to lose money with long processes that involve many teams.
Pluggy Landing Page
Pluggy builds a personalized experience for your customers to make portability of their pension plans from end to end with minimal friction.
Pluggy Connect
In it, your users can connect their bank accounts in our widget, Pluggy Connect. All the information needed for portability is collected automatically, including the certificate or policy number, SUSEP process number, CNPJ of the fund and type of plan. Then, just validate all this information on a dedicated page.
And it's time to choose which plan you want to migrate to. At the top, you will find data from the current plan and some details about it, as well as an easy-to-analyze comparison of the conditions of the current plan and the one to which you should migrate.

And ready!

All simple, easy, optimized and secure. This is pension portability with Open Finance. And Open Finance is Pluggy.

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